Media monitoring questions answered

3 Oct 2023

Industry Insights
Media monitoring is a valuable tool for brands to help them achieve big dreams or manage tricky crisis situations. With that being said, most people have a few questions about this magic tool before they take the plunge and start monitoring. Read on to have a few of those questions answered.

What is media monitoring?
Media monitoring involves the tracking of media mentions within all spaces of the media — including radio, television, magazines, newspapers and more.

What is the purpose of media monitoring?
The main purpose of media monitoring is to provide a brand with the information they need to:

  • manage their reputation
  • increase brand awareness
  • handle crises, and
  • determine the success of marketing campaigns.

Can you monitor competitors?
Yes, it is possible to monitor your competitors' media mentions.

Media monitoring can help brands in more ways than people might know. To find out more about one of those ways, have a look at Brand management with media monitoring.

*Image courtesy of Canva