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New website and media intelligence solutions from Newsclip

21 February 2018 – Newsclip Media Monitoring has transformed its solutions by implementing artificially intelligent technology. In line with this, it has also relaunched its website,

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SA Electrical Contractor: A direct line to South Africa’s electrical professionals

SA Electrical Contractor is a newly launched magazine that has been added to Target Media Directory. Here’s how this publication serves its niche audience:


Meet the new Very Interesting Junior magazine: edutainment for kids and tweens

The newly launched Very Interesting Junior magazine fuses education and entertainment into content for readers of all ages. It was recently added to Newsclip's Target Media Directory.


Radius magazine: Serving the South African agri audience

Radius magazine was recently added to the Target Media Directory database of media titles. As the official magazine for TWK Agri, Radius delivers information tailored to the agricultural sector, related industries and communities.

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Newsclip showcases power of AI

16 Oct 2017 – Newsclip recently demonstrated the power of its artificially intelligent data processing engine when it analysed the sentiment of more than 4 000 social media posts in minutes.

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It’s here: media update is all shiny and new

20 February 2015 – The media update website has been launched to bring readers the latest news in entertainment, advertising, marketing and public relations.

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