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Change brings hope amidst the crisis

With the world in disarray and bad news around every corner, it’s easy to believe that nothing good has come from this new world we all find ourselves in. Despite the impact of the global crisis, some businesses, like Newsclip Media Monitoring, have come out stronger than ever before.

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The importance of advert monitoring in 2020 and beyond

Advert monitoring is a vital tool for any brand to have, but its value has only increased in the current crisis. More companies are scrambling to make an impact with their marketing strategies, and with digital on the rapid increase, tracking your performance has become a necessity.

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Four tools PR pros can use to impress clients

As a PR pro, impressing your client is easy to do — so long as you have the right tools at your disposal. But how do you know which ones will blow your clients away? Read on to find out.

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The positive outcomes lockdown has had on businesses

The national lockdown has caused a lot of obstacles and stress for many industries — especially the media industry. While almost everyone has been focusing on the negative impact of the lockdown, there are a lot of positive things happening that we need to take note of.

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Three ways media monitoring can help your brand stay relevant

It can be difficult for brands to remain relevant during times of uncertainty. Enter media monitoring: every brand’s unsung hero. This service can not only help you see who is talking about your brand, but it will also help you gain insights that are paramount for keeping you in business!

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Uninterrupted monitoring — even during #Lockdown

With South Africa still in lockdown, more and more businesses are slipping into despair. While some businesses can function with their employees working from home, this is not a luxury that all can afford. At Newsclip, everything continues — business as usual.

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