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4 ways to WOW your PR clients with great reporting

The PR industry is as competitive as ever, and it looks as if 2019 will be no exception. The battle to stand out from competitors continues, and the best way to get noticed is to deliver exactly what your clients need.

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The value of radio for brands

When you think of the elements that make up a modern-day marketing strategy, radio might not come to mind immediately. However, don’t forget that, together with print and digital media, radio forms an integral part of a successful omnichannel strategy.

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30 Marketing buzzwords you need to know

Content may be king in marketing, but buzzwords are a pretty close second. To make sure you’re at your peak, we’ve put together a list of terms that every marketer should know. Ready to grow your vocabulary?

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Three ways brand tracking can help you manage a PR crisis

A crisis is one thing that very few PR professionals want to think about. However, crisis management is a critical part of any good PR plan. Did you know that brand tracking can help you prepare for a crisis, deal with it and report on it when it’s all over? Let’s find out how.

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The role of data, information and insights in your brand strategy

Ever wonder how important data, information and insights are for your brand? We break down what each one is, where you get them from and how you can use them to inform (and better) your brand strategy.

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How AI is helping Newsclip’s clients stay ahead of the rest

Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought a new dawn to media intelligence and brand tracking, where AI technology is used to rapidly process vast amounts of Big Data. Newsclip’s long-term investments in AI and machine learning means that its clients always stay a step ahead of the rest.

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