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How media monitoring can help to improve your content strategy

Content creation can be a challenging task as, these days, consumers are inundated with content. Luckily, media monitoring tools can make all the difference when you catch yourself feeling particularly uninspired and needing to refine your content strategy.

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The importance of statistical reports in marketing

Statistical reports in marketing give brands the insights they need to make informed decisions about their businesses. The data is there to essentially guide marketers into making the right choices that will lead their initiatives to success. Here, we unpack why brands need statistical reports.

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Three components that make up a great marketing strategy

Every great marketing strategy is made up of several components that steer the brand towards success. Once you know what they are, your brand will be well on its way towards increased engagement, loyal customers and achievable ROI. Ready to learn?

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Top three secrets for successful advertising

There are many factors that make up a successful advertising campaign, and they’re often overlooked. Knowing how to create an ad doesn’t necessarily lead to a riveting campaign — there are a few secrets that few advertisers know about. Ready to find out what they are?

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Three ways to integrate media monitoring into your PR strategy

Media monitoring plays a crucial role in the public relations industry. This is because PR pros are in charge of managing how a brand is perceived. And what better way to gain that insight than by integrating media monitoring into your PR strategy?

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Three reasons why PR pros need media coverage reports

As a public relations practitioner, utilising media coverage reports is vital if you want to give your client the best service possible. Not only will you be able to prove your return on investment to brands, but you’ll also be able to spot trends in their coverage. Still need convincing? Then read on!

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