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Why media monitoring is a must for brands in a crisis

Media monitoring is essential for both individuals and brands, especially during a global or brand crisis. Even with fewer live events, these services continue to be a need for brands as some have moved their events online. 

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Five reasons why your brand needs to utilise AI

Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) can be extremely beneficial for your brand’s reputation as it can improve your consumers' experience, connect you with the right audience, increase the speed of your brand’s performance and provide your consumer with a more personalised experience.

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What does the future have in store for print media?

The future of print media is constantly under debate as some believe the medium is dead, while others think it still has the potential to evolve. But what does the future of print look like in the digital era?

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Who's media monitoring made for?

Media monitoring services are here for any and every brand, including public figures, NGOs, government and individuals. As long your campaigns reach the media, media monitoring is a great service to have as part of your public relations or marketing strategy. 

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Print is definitely not dead

The debate as to whether print, as a medium, is dead or not is ongoing, with people taking sides and either thinking “this is the last of it” or “the medium will carry on well into the future.” Well, we’re leaning towards the latter: Print is most definitely not dead. Here’s why.

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Why brands need to enlist local media monitoring services

Making use of local media monitoring services is the most optimal option for your business. Think about it: Who understands your South African brand better than a local service? SA companies have a better understanding of how people think and can better help you manage your media mentions. Need more convincing? Then read on!

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