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Seven marketing buzzwords you should know about

New marketing buzzwords spring up each and every year, and it’s important to keep up with what they are in order to understand what’s trending within the industry. From Google Shopping to snackable content, we’ve got all the latest words you can add to your strategy.

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Why you should add Share of Voice to your digital strategy

The business sphere is competitive, which is why you should add Share of Voice to your media monitoring package. This will essentially allow you to gain insight into your competitor’s activities, giving your brand an edge over the rest.

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Three ways to conduct a competitor analysis

A competitor analysis can help your brand stay ahead by identifying gaps in your opponent’s business efforts. Here, the team at Newsclip takes a look at how you can beat your competitors to the punch through the use of this intelligence.

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Three PR metrics you should use to measure earned media

Anyone who knows anything about earned media in public relations is aware that advertising value equivalent (AVE) might not be the way to go. So how else can PR pros prove their business contributions to clients? They should utilise the right metrics to determine their earned media.

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Why media monitoring is a must for brands in a crisis

Media monitoring is essential for both individuals and brands, especially during a global or brand crisis. Even with fewer live events, these services continue to be a need for brands as some have moved their events online. 

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Five reasons why your brand needs to utilise AI

Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) can be extremely beneficial for your brand’s reputation as it can improve your consumers' experience, connect you with the right audience, increase the speed of your brand’s performance and provide your consumer with a more personalised experience.

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