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Three reasons press releases are still important

Some may believe that with all the advancements and changes in the media industry, press releases may not be as important as they once were. Well, we are here to tell you that press releases are here to stay! And here is why:

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How media monitoring can connect brands and audiences

The media is a powerful and popular method of communication. Brands often use it as a way to relay messages to their audience and the public uses it to start conversations about brands. But are the messages landing? Is your brand connecting with your audience? Media monitoring can help with that.

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Media monitoring: looking past raw data

Media monitoring is more than just gaining a bunch of keywords and data. The line doesn't end there. This tool formulates narrative and meaning — generating significantly more value for brands than just raw information.

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Media monitoring for political parties

High on the priority list right now is the public's opinion of our political parties. And so, the best way for these parties to gauge how they are doing — especially in the next few months — is through media monitoring.

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Benefits of ad tracking

Advertisements are the original and classic way of advertising and marketing a product or brand. That is why almost every brand out there uses ads in some way — bigger brands will even utilise multiple adverts at the same time. Monitoring and tracking your ads, however, is just as important as the ad itself.

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The importance of broadcast monitoring

The importance of broadcast monitoring shows up in more than one place. Not only does it provide a powerful tool for brands and entities, but it ultimately aids society in understanding our past, contemporary position and future. Here's how:

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