Brand narratives versus brand stories

8 Nov 2023

Industry Insights
Ever heard about brand storytelling? Ever thought that it was just a brand narrative? Then read on because here's how the two stand apart — as well as what you should know about each of them.

While a brand's story is written by the brand, its narrative relies heavily on its stakeholders and its industry at large.

A way of looking at it is that the brand defines itself and its purpose — with a bit of a backstory and values — in what's known as a brand story. 

It then provides a foundation for others to build on its narrative. Where? The environments identified by its:
  • distinct corporate image
  • marketing, and
  • image reputation management conducted through PR and media monitoring. 

Considering using brand narratives to your advantage? Here's How to drive the narrative around your brand.

*Image courtesy of Canva