Industry Associations

The International Federation Of Press Clipping Bureaux (FIBEP)

FIBEP is a media intelligence federation that extends to over 60 countries with more than 120 corporate members. This association provides Newsclip with access to international media on request.

International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC)

AMEC is a professional body for communications research, media intelligence and insights. It represents organisations and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research. The organisation has more than 150 members in 86 countries.

South African Media Monitoring and Measurement Association (SAMMA)

SAMMA is a public, non-profit organisation whose mandate is to safeguard media monitoring and measurement service providers in South Africa.

Loeries® Awards

The Loeries® Awards recognises, rewards, inspires and fosters creative excellence in brand communication industries across Africa and the Middle East. The Loeries® non-profit organisation promotes and supports creativity by helping marketers, agencies and consumers appreciate the value of ideas and fresh thinking.

Pendoring Advertising Awards

The Pendoring Advertising Awards promotes and stimulates Afrikaans and indigenous language advertising. The awards programme has been lauded as a meaningful platform for the acknowledgement of local creative work by creatives and marketers. It also serves to raise a stronger and wider awareness of the impact and power of mother tongue marketing communication.