Web-based media monitoring platform

Gate5 is the online platform where you can access all your media coverage. Your media clippings are available within minutes after they have been published, posted or broadcast. Here, you can also request up-to-date statistical reports or use a variety of helpful functions to analyse and segment your data for targeted media intelligence. Get quick insights with Gate5’s trend graphs, word clouds and bubbles.

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Social Stream+ Logo

Social media feed

Social Stream+ is a news feed that displays Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube posts that mention your brand. This feature is available on the Gate5 online platform, which also displays your traditional media coverage. With Social Stream+, you can easily access various reports that offer insights into your brand’s social media presence. Reports are available on demand, making it possible for you to accurately report on social media activities at a moment’s notice.

Ad tracking service

Adclip tracks ads in over 2 400 South African print and digital publications. This advertising monitoring service notifies you when and where your ads appear. Adclip’s Ad Verifier solution enables brands and agencies to check that their ads have been placed correctly and according to their placement schedule. With the Ad Tracker solution, you can gain insight into how other brands are advertising or stay up-to-date with new products being advertised.

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Media coverage reports

RedBook is a media coverage report that displays your press coverage in a personalised ebook. This PR tool helps brands store or showcase their media coverage in a digital book. Agencies use RedBook to present their clients’ press coverage in a format that is customisable to suit their reporting needs. Your RedBook is automatically generated and digitally delivered to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Social media tracking service

amaSocial is a complete social media tracking and reporting service. It makes brand tracking and social listening easy by monitoring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for keyword-matching mentions. Use this social media monitoring service to track your brand or campaigns. Gain in-depth social media insights when you monitor specific social media profiles and topics of interest to your business.

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Web-based media directory

Target Media Directory is a comprehensive media database. It provides in-depth details of publications, broadcast stations, websites and blogs in South Africa, as well as prominent media titles across the African continent. This tool makes it easy for PR and communication professionals to identify the media they should target for campaigns and media announcements as well as to create contacts lists.

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Online newsroom

mypressoffice is an online newsroom and press release website. Brands and businesses use this PR tool to create their own online press offices and distribute their press releases. Showcase your company news digitally by creating a free newsroom or subscribing to a full, personalised newsroom. Attract journalists and publishers to your content by emailing your press releases directly from mypressoffice or sharing your newsroom content to social media.

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