Newsclip Energy

Committed to greener energy

In 2011, Newsclip invested in a 220 panel solar farm at its headquarters in Johannesburg. Years later, this investment is still paying off in the form of green energy. In 2017, our solar farm generated enough energy to supply 40% of the electricity that the head office in Constantia Kloof requires.

Quick facts about Newsclip Energy

  • The solar panels that make up the Newsclip solar farm use photovoltaic cells to each generate 230 electrical watts.
  • When the solar array was built, it was one of the largest in Gauteng and one of the first solar arrays in the province to be mounted on the ground.
  • The solar-powered system was designed to offset approximately 92 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Our three-blade wind turbine generates one kilowatt of energy, which is enough to power our electric fence.