What exactly is media monitoring?

8 Feb 2018

Industry Insights
Media monitoring helps you manage how your brand is portrayed in the media. By gathering data, these tools can provide information about your campaigns, marketing initiatives, competitors and industry. But how exactly does media monitoring work, and how can it be used?

Media monitoring is the process of keeping track of coverage on various media channels. This information can give you valuable insights into how your business is being mentioned in the media, which can be used to manage your brand’s reputation, gain PR insights and benchmark your brand against others in your industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about media monitoring:

Media monitoring explained:

Media monitoring is the process of reading, watching or listening to the editorial content of media sources on a continual basis. Although media monitoring is traditionally used to capture editorial content, it can also be used to track the publication of adverts and social media.

As different mediums in the media become more digitised, media monitoring services have had to adapt to the changes and offer both traditional media monitoring, as well as digital and social media monitoring.

Media monitoring offers you the hard data; the number of mentions online, where your adverts have been placed, and when your editorial content has been posted. Using this information, you can analyse the data to find insights about your content, your industry and your brand as a whole.

How can media monitoring be used?

Media monitoring can be useful for companies and brands that have campaigns that target media audiences.

It is a key tool for the public relations and marketing industries, as well as for businesses that want to keep an eye on industries at large.

Most companies, government organisations, NGOs and individuals such as authors and celebrities utilise media monitoring as a tool to identify their mentions within the media.

Some organisations also use media monitoring tools to:
  • track the success of their news releases
  • find information about competitors and specific issues relevant to their organisation
  • benchmark performance against competitors 
  • manage brand reputation 
  • gather industry intelligence 
  • better understand the strengths and weaknesses of corporate communications 
  • identify new business opportunities
Media monitoring is one solution within Newsclip’s brand tracking service. To find out how brand tracking can help your brand, read our article, Four ways Newsclip’s brand tracking helps create better content.