Three ways media monitoring can help your brand stay relevant

4 May 2020

Industry Insights
Many brands are struggling to stay afloat as the pandemic sweeps the nation. And with more brands wanting to be seen online, enlisting a media monitoring service is more vital than ever.

The whole purpose of this service is to allow you to see when and where your brand is mentioned in the media. This benefits businesses in so many ways, from discovering new target markets to seeing what your competitors are up to. Thanks to media monitoring, remaining pertinent in today’s industry is more than just a possibility!

Here’s how media monitoring can help your brand stay relevant:

1. Media monitoring lets you track your business success

Whether you’ve sent out a new advert, campaign or press release, media monitoring is there to tell you who has seen it, who’s talking about it and whether or not it has achieved a favourable outcome.

The insights that you obtain are valuable to your business for a number of reasons. Firstly, knowing who has seen your content is important, as you’ll know whether your target market has been reached.

Secondly, knowing who is talking about it will tell you which markets are interested in your content. This also gives you insights into how your content is performing, as you’ll see not only who is talking about your brand, but how they're talking about it, which allows you to adjust your strategy. If it’s positive, you know what to do more of; if it’s negative, you know what to stop doing.

Finally, being able to pull data surrounding your business allows you to see how your strategy is performing in comparison to others and which aspects of the strategy you need to alter in order to achieve success.

2. See who’s talking about your brand on social media

More and more businesses are adopting a digital approach due to the fourth industrial revolution as well as the way in which the world is now changing, with most people working from home and moving online.

Since the pandemic, online shopping is on the increase, and people are relying on social media to stay informed as well as entertained.

It would only make sense then that brands climb aboard the social train, and with many having already done so, it’s important that they see how their consumers are talking about them in the digisphere. Also, you don’t want your content to get lost among all the others, which is why you need to enlist a social media tracking service to help you stay ahead of the game.

At Newsclip, our Social Stream+ feature, available on our Gate5 platform, allows you to see where your brand is being mentioned on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Being able to see where your brand is mentioned on social allows you to re-evaluate your social strategy to see which platforms your campaigns do best on.

Additionally, the feature offers you access to on-demand reports that offer insights into your brand’s presence on social media — just leave the compiling to us!

3. Media monitoring gives you in-depth competitor analysis

The only way to stand above the rest is to analyse your opponent and see what they’re doing — and then do it better. For brands who are struggling to adapt to the post-digital era, it can be helpful to take a look at your competitors in order to gain a better understanding of what to do, and not do, online.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to see who their audience is, which gives your brand an advantage as you’ll already know who to target your campaigns to. Although you have your audience in the real world, who you knew how to access with traditional means, having your audience online makes things easier as you gain a deeper understanding of who they are, what they like and dislike. This is because you’re able to gather data on this information fairly easily — especially with media monitoring at your side.

At Newsclip, we partnered with brand and media intelligence agency Focal Points. This agency provides brands with reporting solutions that are tailored to their exact needs. You can easily get in-depth insights into your opponents with the company’s brand benchmarking reports, which compares your media coverage to that of the major players in your industry.

These analyses allow you to see how you measure up to others and allow you to spot any opportunities within the industry. For example, if your brand is a food-delivery service that specialises in burgers and you want to see how you compare to a competing restaurant, you can gain an insights report on a set period of time (provided by you) and see how people are perceiving their coverage.
Despite lockdown, Newsclip’s clients can access their data at a time when they need it most. Read more in our blog, Uninterrupted monitoring — even during #Lockdown.