Three benefits of ad monitoring

9 Apr 2020

Industry Insights
Using an ad monitoring service, such as Adclip,  offers your brand insightful data that can be used to help you analyse your ad’s effectiveness. And most importantly, these services are vital for understanding your competitors’ advertising strategies! 

Ad monitoring helps you and your team reap the fruits of your advert’s return on investment and allows you to create a strategic marketing plan. 

It also plays a big role in ensuring that your brand stays within the perimeters of reaching audience satisfaction.

Need more convincing?

Take a look at these three things that Adclip can do for your brand:

 1. You can see if your ad was placed correctly

Adclip’s Ad Verification feature allows you  to check if your adverts are displayed correctly — and on the right platforms. It also lets you see whether the ad is being seen and enjoyed by the right audiences.  

Here’s how it works: After verifying your ad, AdClip creates a customised report and then sends it to you or your agency. This gives you an opportunity to go through the data about your ad performance and placement. One of greatest benefits of this feature is that it helps you track down your ads on both print and digital platforms.

In essence, utilising the ad verification tool can help you save some money, meaning you’re able to distribute your budget into other spheres of your advertising campaigns. 

2. It allows you to keep a sharp eye on your competition 

The main objective of AdClip’s services is to help you stay up to date about your competitor’s advertising strategies. Ad tracking gives you valuable insight into your competitor’s marketing efforts as well as an overview of their tactics. This allows you to identify if they are advertising in any places you are not.

Additionally, you can gauge your ad’s performance against that of your competitors during and after your ad campaigns. This gives you insight into the “‘how, when, where and what”, enabling you to understand rising trends and audience behaviour towards your ad, and your competitors.

3. Identify any trademark infringement

Trademarks, such as logos and branding, are a vital part of a brand or service. Ad monitoring allows you to  stay in the loop about any similar or identical trademarks in relation to yours that are in circulation.

Your logo represents your brand in its entirety, which is why  it's beneficial to know where and how it has been placed, and if your brand guidelines have been met. 

For example, if another brand shares content with a logo that looks very similar to yours, and their content is not something you would want your brand to be associated with, you could be in trouble! A service like AdClip will notify you if there are any trademark infringements, allowing you to keep your brand — and your branding — safe. 
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