How important is the clip count?

17 Jun 2024

Industry Insights
While the amount of media coverage a brand receives can provide insights into brand success and media perception to a certain extent, the clip count alone does not give an accurate measurement of how a brand is doing in the media.

A brand's clip count gives a narrow view of how it is performing in the public eye.

The clip count is much more telling when it is viewed relative to other important indicators, like the sentiment and source of the mentions.

For example, below are three different ways that a brand's media coverage can be interpreted based on sentiment, regardless of the clip count:

Positively: when the majority of clips are of positive sentiment
Neutrally: when most clips have neutral or no emotional implication
Negatively: when the majority of clips negatively depict the brand or its public perception

Therefore, a large number of clips are not always indicative of success, just like fewer clips are not always indicative of failure.

For brands that prioritise large amounts of publicity, a higher clip count may be more important than for brands that prioritise quality over quantity.

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*Image courtesy of Canva