Who's media monitoring made for?

13 Nov 2020

Industry Insights
Media monitoring offers you comprehensive data, which can include brand mentions, extensive analytical reports on your campaigns, where your ad content has been placed, as well as how. 

If you want to understand your brand perception and its reach in media, the data that media monitoring services provide is essential. This data can help you to create your own reports and allow you to draw informed conclusions about your media coverage.

Who should utilise media monitoring services? 

PR professionals

After sending out many emails and making calls inviting the media to cover your events, you then need to know which publication or channels published or broadcasted your event. But, do you really have the time to do it? Maybe not, and that’s where media monitoring services come in to make your life easier! 

Media monitoring services will give you the insight to help you measure the success of your PR campaign. If, for example, your campaign will be broadcasted on a television channel, broadcast media monitoring is ideal because it can give you the specific clips and relevant data from either during a live broadcast or from its recorded format. It can be done in minutes and made ready for you just as quickly. 

Essentially, media monitoring services are seen as an absolute need in the PR space, as PR is a fast working industry and insight is as important as milk is to a cat! 


Government departments work with people such as councilors and municipal managers, and they’re connected politically and socially in a way that makes them open to public opinion and criticism. 

In this regard, the role of media monitoring can be used to analyse what is being said about the government, by who and where it was said. And this hard data is valuable to the government because it can form part of a communication plan strategy. 

For example, the national government can approach a media monitoring service provider and request media coverage data on any of its departments or local municipalities. This can be requested with the aim to draw perceptions on which entity is performing and which isn’t, based on news coverage and public comments on social media platforms and other relevant mediums. 


Once an individual is a public figure, like a celeb or a prominent business practitioner, they are in some ways a living brand. And what people say about them can have an impact on their reputation to a large extent.

Since your reputation is the biggest asset that you have as an individual, you could definitely look into fiting media monitoring services into your own reputation management strategy. 

The insight received from the media monitoring company can be used to track which journalist, blogger, publication and social media user said what about you. And on the other hand, media monitoring can play a role in helping you to track which key influencers are mentioning your name in their social media posts. And just like that, you know exactly where your reputation lies.

Media monitoring is a service that will keep evolving due to the influence of technological growth. And so, it’s quite fair to say that, the best is yet to come! 

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