Three signs you need to invest in an advert monitoring service

5 Jun 2018

Industry Insights
Advert monitoring is a sure fire way for you, as a marketer, to stay up to date with the ‘where’ and the ‘how’ of your brand’s advertising. This raises the question: how do you know if it’s the right fit for you?

Advert monitoring is the tracking of both traditional and digital media in order to develop a better understanding of the market in which you are advertising. So how do you know if advert monitoring is something you need to add to your marketing arsenal?

Here are three signs that indicate you need advert monitoring:

Sign 1: You're struggling to find the right brands to partner with

You know that brand partnerships are a great way to reach new audiences, build a positive brand reputation and create a media buzz. However, finding the right brand to align yourself with can be tricky.

So how can this process be simplified? Advert monitoring gives you the chance to assess the advertising space for potential partners who market similar messages or campaigns. This makes it easier to identify the brands that you could partner with.

Are you the founder of a business that has been franchised? Advert monitoring is a simple way to monitor how your brand is being represented by franchisees. You can easily check out the artwork distributed by your franchisees to see that they are adhering to your brand’s guidelines and protecting your trademark.

Sign 2: You're battling to manage your time efficiently

If you spend a large portion of your day searching through publications and online sites to check that your adverts have been placed correctly – advert monitoring is definitely for you.

As for marketers who work on multiple brands, you’ll know that managing all the adverts for each campaign can be a daunting task, especially if it’s done manually. With the help of advert monitoring, you could spend this time working on other marketing projects or creating strategies for new campaigns.

Advert monitoring also helps you manage your time better. The service delivers your adverts to you on a digital platform, as they are distributed, using automated processing systems and artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly recognise images and logos, so that you don’t have to.

Sign 3: You're not entirely sure what your competitors are up to

Do you like knowing what your competitors are up to? Do you always want to know what the latest trends in your industry are? If the answer to both of these questions is a resounding ‘yes’ – advert monitoring is for you.

Advert monitoring allows you to stay competitive by understanding your market and being able to quickly identify new opportunities.

The insights that the service delivers help you better understand the impact of your own marketing strategies, as well as those of your competitors. Knowing who your competitors are targeting can highlight potential gaps in your market.

Additionally, understanding your market and the key players in your industry will give you insights into how to improve your marketing strategy.

If you identified with any one of these signs, it’s time to look for an advert monitoring service.
Advert monitoring is not the only way to keep up with your brand's media coverage. To find out more about brand tracking, read our blog post, The brand tracking basics: What you need to know