The importance of advert monitoring in 2020 and beyond

25 May 2020

Industry Insights
A sure-fire way to ensure that your advertising is always on point is to utilise an advert monitoring tool. These tools not only aid in crisis prevention, but they can also help you pinpoint where your ads were placed and if they were placed correctly.

But the service is not limited to just that.

Here’s why marketers need to invest in an advert monitoring service:

1. More brands are going digital

With more brands going digital, it is important, now more than ever, that brands invest in an advert monitoring service in order to keep track of all their ads placed online. This is to ensure that their brand doesn’t get lost in the crowd, as well as to ensure that it’s not placed alongside distasteful or irrelevant content.

Nothing will get people bad-mouthing your brand quicker than having your ad placed next to something that is inappropriate, unethical or offensive. You don’t want your brand to be associated with these types of content, it’s a reputation crisis waiting to happen. And it can easily occur if you don’t keep an eye on your ads! Brand safety is paramount.

Additionally, you want to ensure that people are using your logo and brand guidelines correctly. Because more content is going to go online and more brands are moving to the digisphere, there could be a brand out there with a similar logo to yours — and you wouldn’t want someone accidentally using the incorrect one and confusing customers.

Also, let’s not forget that trademark infringement is a serious deal that all brands need to be wary of.

2. It helps you stay ahead of the game

If they want to stay in business, brands need to do all they can to impress new clients and keep old ones around. This is where an advert monitoring tool like Adclip comes in handy.

It allows you to:

Present your ads in a personalised ebook
That way, if new clients want to get a good idea of what you can do for them, you’ve got your showcase at your ready. Additionally, you can have your ebook automatically created to generate findings on your latest advertising campaign. You can use this to get a clear look at what worked, and what didn’t, so you know how to make your next move.

View metadata about your ad
Improve your client’s marketing campaigns with Adclip’s online platform, which allows you to see the exact metadata of every ad that was placed, including advertising value. The best part? You can export all this data into an easy-to-view spreadsheet, allowing you to compare your adverts to one another and see which ones are performing well and which ones you won’t be sending elsewhere.

Get email alerts about your adverts
Get instantly notified about when your ad has gone live with Adclip’s email alerts. This feature allows your clients to be alerted to when their ads are online or have been placed. So, for all your clients that want to be kept up to date (or who just have a bit of FOMO), you’ve got them covered!

Keep a close eye on competitors
See exactly where your competitors’ ads are placed and gain insights into their strategies. You can also see what types of ads they’re placing as well as getting an overview of their tactics. This allows you to see if they’re advertising in the same places as you and you can compare your ad’s performance against theirs to see why audiences are behaving a certain way towards your competitor or your own brand.

3. Branding is the way forward

There is an expected spike in product sales coming our way, and brands need to be prepared! Building your brand should be your goal during this time, and we’re not just talking about building relationships with consumers or helping out local brands — although these are important factors to be mindful of.

We’re talking about increasing your brand’s presence online and on social media. This means engaging more with consumers. So, where does advert monitoring fit on? Well for one, there is no way to get better audience insights than through this service.

Let’s say you’ve placed an ad on social media and you’re now tracking it. You then find that a lot of audiences are talking about that particular ad, and their reactions are positive! You’re free to jump in and get a conversation going, therefore, building your brand.

Advert monitoring is such an essential service now, and in the future. Don’t delay in utilising this tool for your brand.
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