How media monitoring can help to improve your content strategy

19 Oct 2020

Industry Insights
As a marketer, you are constantly having to create content — whether it be for email, social media or an upcoming campaign. This constant need for content, coupled with how challenging it can be to come up with fresh ideas, can lead to a great deal of pressure on creators. 

Enter media monitoring — the solution to all of your content creation needs. These tools can help you to answer the age-old question ‘Why would my audience want to know or see this?’

Here are three ways that media monitoring tools can help to improve your content:

1. It can help you to understand what your audience wants to see 

One of media monitoring's biggest advantages is that it can help your business keep it’s finger on the pulse of consumers’ opinions and thoughts surrounding your brand. 

Making use of tools like keyword tracking can help your brand to track specific keywords surrounding your business

Keeping track of these mentions can be useful when it comes to improving your content because brand or keyword mentions can spark inspiration. This is seen, for example, when  you see people speaking about your brand / products in contexts that you haven't thought about before, opening new spaces and perspectives for your marketing strategies.  

As you will be getting this inspiration directly from your audience, you will have insight into what they want or expect from your brand. This offers suggestions for how you can improve. 

A simple example of this is the following: If you are working with a restaurant as a client, you may see occurrences of people mentioning how they would prefer they offered more vegetarian options. This may inspire the restaurant to include more veggie options and you could run a promotion called ‘Meat-free Monday’s’ where patrons get half off of their vegetarian meals. 

2. It allows you to keep an eye on your competitors

As the old saying goes, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. This rings true, especially in business. 

Media monitoring tools like advert monitoring can offer businesses a variety of insights into competing brands, including their media and social platforms

Essentially, this tool is there to give you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’’ as to why competitors' ads are successful — giving you what your business needs to know in order to up their ad game.  

These insights can help your business to improve your content because you can garner inspiration from what your competitors are doing, and then do it better. It also can help you become aware of any holes in any campaigns you run and, thus, improve the quality of your ads going forward. 

3. It assists you in the measuring of your campaigns 

Are you running a campaign and you want to measure how successful it is and how it was interpreted by your audience? Campaign keyword tracking has all the answers you need! 

Essentially, campaign keyword tracking is when you track keywords relating to upcoming campaigns and product launches

This can be useful to your content strategy because it helps you to assess how these campaigns are performing. This helps you to gain insight into what is working and what is not. 

As you get this consumer feedback and insights, you can alter your campaigns accordingly and improve them in the future. This will result in more effective campaigns and it will save your brand both time and money as you will not be pouring energy into something that’s not resonating with your audience. 

Whether you're running a campaign or trying to write blog posts, media monitoring tools can take your content from zero to 100. Not only will you gain insight into what your competitors are doing or how well your campaigns are performing, but you will gain valuable insights that will help your brand to improve in the long run. 

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