How AI is helping Newsclip’s clients stay ahead of the rest

13 Aug 2018

Industry Insights
Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought a new dawn to media intelligence and brand tracking, where AI technology is used to rapidly process vast amounts of Big Data. Newsclip’s long-term investments in AI and machine learning means that its clients always stay a step ahead of the rest.

What makes AI so powerful?

Manual data processing and analysis capabilities only go so far. As the problem of managing and processing Big Data continues to grow – at an exponential rate – new tools are needed to tackle the largest hackstack that has ever existed.

As a field of AI, natural language processing (NLP) allows computers to interpret human language. With NLP, data management companies, like Newsclip, can accurately process any type of text, from formal documents to the slang that is used on social media.

This is because NLP solves a number of challenges that computers experience when they process text. Computers that use traditional processing methods can’t always identify all of the people, places, events and topics, better known as 'entities', that are mentioned in the text.

They are also unable to recognise that some entities are synonyms and that some words have more than one meaning.

NLP engines overcome these challenges by using the mechanics of language to consider each word, and its meaning in a text, separately. This allows them to process, sort, identify and even find relationships between entities.

How does Newsclip use AI?

As media channels and networks continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, brands need to use more advanced media intelligence and brand tracking tools in order to accurately track their content across various platforms.

Because of this, Newsclip has invested in AI technology to boost the capabilities of its solutions.

Catherine Dabbs, a representative of Newsclip, says that this overwhelming amount of data is what sparked the inclusion of AI technology in the company’s brand tracking.

“We realised that, in order to keep up with these volumes of data, we would have to adapt and grow our data-handling abilities. The inclusion of AI-powered technology into our system has ensured that we remain ahead of the game.”

The company’s AI technology combines NLP and machine learning into an artificially intelligent ‘Data Engine’. NLP allows the system to interpret human language, while machine learning enables it to recognise patterns within data.

With these features, Newsclip’s Data Engine is able to instantly analyse the sentiment of news reports, articles and social media posts. It can also spot trends in thousands of media documents.

“With these new AI-powered features, we provide brands, businesses and organisations with instant insights into their media coverage,” says Dabbs.

How does AI affect Newsclip’s clients?

The ability to immediately analyse data is one of the most significant advantages that AI offers data management companies. Dabbs notes that immediate access to data is imperative for businesses wanting to know what is going on in the media.

“Newsclip processes information in real time, giving businesses the most up-to-date information. This also allows them to be aware of any issues that may arise, as they happen.”

This means that Newsclip clients are able to instantly respond to mentions of their brand – or brand-related keywords – on both traditional and social media.

Newsclip’s investments into AI, machine learning and NLP have made possible what was only imaginable a few years ago: extracting value from an ocean of information, and converting Big Data into bite-sized, consumable pieces.

“Newsclip recognised the potential that AI-powered technology has to extract accurate and highly valuable media intelligence from the data it gathers,” says Dabbs.

“Our custom-built NLP engine has revolutionised the way we enrich the brand monitoring insights we deliver to clients. It provides them with an immediate, in-depth analysis of the mountains of data that the media generates.
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