Four ways PR professionals can use RedBook

13 Mar 2020

Industry Insights
RedBook is an effective public relations tool that will help you place all the relevant data of a client into an ebook format. Having everything in one place will make it easier to present to current or future clients.

In PR, you can’t just say that you are worth a company's time or money —you need to be able to show that you are. Impressing clients with actual statistics that show them where their brand was mentioned and just how well the content is performing can easily be done with the help of RedBook.

It also makes a PR professional’s life a whole lot easier and keeps everything organised.

Here are four ways that PR professionals can use RedBook:

1. PR pros can create customised ebooks

Since different clients have different needs, you can easily adjust each RedBook to match the look and feel of each client’s brand. Add your clients logo, a relevant cover image and change the colour of your ebook to make it really feel like the brand.

Personalisation plays a very important role in keeping clients happy because they feel valued, appreciated and understood. Being able to add in a brand’s logo makes it look very professional, and adding in a cover image that is relevant to a particular campaign will also allow it to be easily associated with that campaign. Also, changing the colour of the RedBook allows clients to easily identify which ebook belongs to which brand.

2. They can showcase media coverage

Being able to personally customise your RedBook is not the only benefit this ebook has to offer. You can also use it to show off your coverage to current or possibly new clients. Your clients can then make use of RedBook to show stakeholders how well the company’s coverage performed in the media.

Seeing how your client’s coverage performed visually will allow you to speak confidently about how your PR tactics work with the actual facts that back up what you’re saying.

3. They can easily send their RedBook to clients

With RedBook, you can select specific dates of a campaign's media coverage; once you do, an ebook will be generated automatically.

Since it is all compiled into an ebook format, it is easy to send it to the relevant people who need to take a look at their company’s coverage. Being able to share the RedBook with many different parties at the same time also saves a lot of time and money.

This is especially true when a client needs to do an impromptu meeting to show stakeholders how their coverage is doing in the media and where there can be an improvement.

4. They can combine or duplicate existing RedBooks

During the year, you might create different ebooks that look at a company’s campaigns. But at the end of the year, when you want to showcase how well that brand’s coverage did overall, you can combine all of the previously made RedBooks into one.

It is much easier to send just one RedBook to the clients instead of sending multiple ones at the same time, as the client might get confused. You can also save each of these combined RedBooks onto a shelf and always go back to remove a specific ebook or add another one if needs be.

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