Four industries that you might not expect can use media monitoring

8 Nov 2021

Industry Insights
Despite the confusion, you may be surprised to learn just how many different industries could benefit from utilising a media monitoring service. Why? Because of the multiple ways it can help your business improve, of course!

Not only can media monitoring assist with reputation management but it can also help you understand your audience better — allowing you to improve customer service and boost brand awareness in the long term.

With this being said, which unexpected industries could benefit from utilising a media monitoring service?

Let’s find out:

1. Healthcare

As it goes with most things these days, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly digital. From online consultations to an increase in wearable health tech — like fitbits — transformation in the healthcare industry is picking up speed.

With this increased digitisation comes more people talking about healthcare brands online, especially during the pandemic.

Healthcare brands can use monitoring services for reputation management. Consider if a consumer was looking for a new doctor, and they ventured online to browse the healthcare options at their disposal.

In this scenario, they would want to visit a reliable and trustworthy institution, so they would check out reviews or relevant news coverage. If a doctor has negative reviews, they may not view the individual’s service as the best fit.

For this reason, it is crucial that healthcare providers remain aware of how they are painted in the media, and ensure that their reputation is squeaky clean. After all, the less people turning away because of an online review, the better!

Gate5 is an online platform that gathers all your brand’s media coverage in one place minutes after they have been posted. This tool can give you a snapshot of what people are saying about your brand in real time.

And healthcare providers experience any PR mishaps, media monitoring can definitely help with that too!

How? Well, as this tool delivers articles, blog posts, social posts and audio / video clips mentioning your brand. With this you will be able to quickly pick up on any negative coverage. This allows you to get on top of things before the bad press spreads.

2. Agriculture

The agricultural industry is more competitive than one would think. Additionally, this sector is a key driver of economic growth as it is largely guided by “population growth, urbanisation and the rise of the middle class.”

So, not only is agriculture a competitive industry, but there is a great deal of demand on those working in it. For this reason, it is critical that agricultural brands utilise brand monitoring to keep an eye on their competitors.

How does this work?’, you ask? Well at Newsclip, we work with Adclip to deliver top-notch advert monitoring. This will enable agricultural brands to see exactly where its competitors are placing their ads.

This will be beneficial as it can help those working in this industry to identify gaps in the market and give them an idea of where they should be placing their ads to maximise reach.

Additionally, those working in agriculture could also utilise brand tracking to help to keep an eye on their competition and identify emerging trends in the industry.

In addition to advert monitoring, holistic brand tracking comprises of:
Utilising brand tracking enables an agricultural brand to know who is saying what about it and its competitors, when it was said, as well as what your competitors are doing about it.

This tool also allows you to identify trends in your industry. This is useful because if you are noticing your competitors are doing things you aren't, it may be time to step up your game.

3. Hospitality

Similarly to the agricultural industry (and with most businesses these days), there is plenty of competition within this industry.

If you are a restaurant franchise needing to stay hot on the heels of your competitors, you could use media monitoring for a multitude of reasons.

It will assist you in listening to what consumers think about your brand. You can then be able to use these insights to put your finger on what's working and what’s not. In this sense, you are essentially doing market research into which new products or trends your audience is into — all on a whole new level!

Tools like product keyword tracking can help you identify which of your products are most popular in the media. Additionally, if you launch a campaign to promote a new franchise opening, you could utilise campaign keyword tracking to see how your efforts are perceived by the public.

Additionally, the hospitality industry is no stranger to crises. Monitoring brand mentions can help your company to stay on top of any negative publicity; this tool alerts you of when your business is mentioned in the media and the sentiment linked to it.

4. Education

If you’re an educational institution, you may be more likely to want to monitor mentions in traditional media sources like the newspaper.

For example, if you want to keep track of when your school was mentioned because of an outstanding achievement, or want to keep track of where your matric results are being published — media monitoring is for you!

With this being said, educational institutions could also benefit from the Gate5 platform, which gathers all media coverage minutes after they’ve been posted or published.

Additionally, as most businesses experience PR mishaps, schools should utilise media monitoring to stay tuned into brand mentions and public perception. You never know when a crisis may arise, after all.
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