Five reasons why your brand needs to utilise AI

9 Dec 2020

Industry Insights
There are countless reasons why your brand needs to utilise AI. One of the main reasons for this is because technology will only continue to evolve during the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

This means that, if your brand is not exploring the new possibilities that come along with these developments, you risk being left behind.

With that said, let’s take a look at five reasons why your brand needs to utilise AI technology:

1. AI helps to protect your brand’s reputation

With the amount of content being shared on digital platforms, it can become extremely difficult to keep track of all of your brand’s mentions in traditional media, as well as on digital and social media platforms.

This is where AI saves the day: This tech assists in protecting your brand’s online reputation. With the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), this technology can pick up on the sentiment of your brand mentions and determine whether your consumers’ posts are positive, negative, neutral or mixed.

This way, whenever there is a negative comment that can be harmful to your brand’s reputation, NLP can pick this up and notify your brand so that you can act accordingly.

This helps your company to stay ahead of any PR crisis that can turn into a horrible spectacle, as well as allows you to handle the issues as they arise, instead of being hours too late.

2. AI improves your consumers’ experience with your brand

In the past, whenever a consumer wanted to order a product or even be assisted with an issue that they were experiencing, the process of resolving took quite a bit of time. Consumers had to stand in queues or be on hold for long periods of time over the phone.

Fortunately, with the help of AI, consumers’ experiences with your brand can be a much more pleasant and smooth one. This is because, with AI, comes chatbots, which are available to the client 24 / 7. This means that consumers don’t have to go wait in line or be on hold for hours on end, as the bot is there to answer any questions they may have regarding your brand’s products or services.

3. AI allows you to connect with the right audience

Finding the right audience for your brand used to be tricky, especially in previous years. But now, with the help of AI, it has become easier than ever before to pinpoint who your target audience really is. This is because AI technology records tons of data about consumers who browse your website, giving you the insights you need to figure out which demographics to target, and which ones to avoid.

AI also allows you to pick up on important information about your consumers that your brand needs to become better. For example, it allows you to see:

  • the products that they viewed
  • the products they add to their cart as well as the ones they end up removing
  • the products that they leave in their wishlist or cart but end up not buying
  • the call to action that they respond to but then bow out at the last minute
This information allows you to get a better idea of what your target audience is looking for and the factors influencing their shopping decisions.

4. AI makes your brand more proactive

AI uses algorithms to collect data and tell you more about your consumers. It also makes suggestions to your consumers about products that are normally purchased together, or other products that they might like. With this type of suggestive data being available to your audience, you can be viewed as being a proactive brand. This is because you keep up to date with new needs of consumers constantly.

AI technology also shows your brand which products people prefer and provides your company with overviews as to what else your consumers might be interested in. This allows your brand to make decisions preemptively, allowing you to stay ahead of competitors by providing unique products tailored to your specific target audience.

5. AI gives your consumers a personalised experience

There is no doubt that consumers absolutely love receiving an email from their favourite brand, especially when they are greeted by name and are able to see a list of products in the email that they would actually like to purchase.

AI provides your brand with more than enough data to be able to create more personalised content and provide your consumer with the ultimate personalised experience.

With the help of AI, your brand will be able to create newsletters or WhatsApp messages specific to each of your consumers, showing them specials on the products that they will definitely be interested in.
Now that you understand how AI can better your brand on a daily basis, be sure to learn more about The value of AI in times of crisis.
*Image courtesy of Unsplash