About Newsclip Media Monitoring

Newsclip is a national Media Monitoring company with over 30 years’ experience in media monitoring and content management; providing clients with meaningful and measurable insights.
Newsclip Staff 2015

Today, we live in a data-driven age where millions of data sets are available within the public domain. The stories you have created, as well as those created by others, are somewhere within this big data. Newsclip manages big data and delivers customised content management solutions.

We have a comprehensive vision of the South African media landscape across all media channels, as well as an expanding African media portfolio.

Our analysis functions are adapted to your needs, giving you accurate insight into your communication efforts. We provide the platform and metadata, and you choose the methodology most suitable for your measurement and reporting requirements.

As a leader in media monitoring, we always strive to be at the forefront of innovative thinking and pride ourselves in being able to evolve with the ever changing needs of our market. This allows us to deliver a modern approach to determine a meaningful and measurable media solution, while our continuous product development and user-focused interface provides you with instantaneous media intelligence, analysis and actionable insights.


  • Providing an innovative and customised media monitoring solution;
  • Delivering on our client requirements timeously and reliably; and
  • Remaining a technologically-driven, dynamic team, employing and developing quality people.


To create technologically-empowered solutions for communication management and outcomes-based media relations solutions. Driven by excellence to meet our client’s holistic needs in a people- and future-focused environment.


Newsclip focuses on and is committed to quality delivery, and the expansion of technological boundaries in media monitoring management, through:

  • Quality service.
  • Customer focus.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Research leadership.
  • Embracing change.

The Newsclip Timeline


Media Update App
The Media Update mobile app launches.
Focal Points
We relaunch our research and analysis service offering.
Competitor Share Of Voice
Competitor Share of Voice is introduced to Gate5 users.
Web Stream, our international web motioning service, is included on Gate5.
Social media launches. We expand our media monitoring service to include a keyword-matching Twitter stream on Gate5.
The analysis dashboard and excel analysis feature are introduced to Gate5 users.
Bubbles launches. Bubbles is a functional viewing tool which displays client’s Databins, highlighting their weekly content trends.


Newsclip employs 230 permanent staff members.
The famous Redbook goes digital. Clients can create their own ‘Brag Book’ from Gate5.
We unveil amaSocial; the only ‘mobile-based’ social media analytical tool in the world, and proudly South African too.
We expand our media monitoring services to include Africa media. Content is sourced from 33 countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Polly, our automated keyword recognition system, launches.


Newsclip starts to monitor digital print publications.
mypressoffice, our press portal, launches.


Reports become automated. Newsclip has over 150 free analysis reports available.


Coding Buttons, our interactive analysis function, is introduced to Gate5 users.


We unveil Gate5, our interactive, password-protected, web-based delivery platform.
Established in 1988, Newsclips Publishing division goes online.
Established in 1988, Target Media Directory was launched as a web-based media directory.


Online monitoring is added to the service offering.


Adclip, our print advertisement monitoring, launches.


Broadcast monitoring is added to the service offering.


Newsclip opens its doors. The first newspaper articles are clipped and pasted, by hand, on to backing sheet in the iconic Redbook.