The power of data-driven marketing

16 Mar 2022

Industry Insights
The core of all marketing efforts is to implement strategies that discover and nurture leads and that generate revenue for a brand — be it through digital or traditional formats. 

But what if we told you that there was a way for you to maximise the efficacy of your marketing tactics? With data-driven marketing, you can achieve just that. How so, you ask? 

Let's unpack it here: 

What is data-driven marketing? 

As a marketer, you probably spend a lot of time wishing you could be inside your customers' heads so that you can find out what they really want. Well, with data-driven marketing, you can — and so much more.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves; let's unpack what this term means. Simply put, data-driven marketing is "when marketing teams build their strategies based on the analysis of Big Data", according to Marketing Evolution

If you're wondering what 'Big Data' is and why it sounds so intimidating, don't fret. With the use of a media monitoring service, interpreting this mass of information is a breeze

Media monitoring empowers marketers with insights into:

Who their target audience is

A media monitoring service offers marketers insight into who is mentioning their brand online. This is useful because once you know who is discussing your business, you can gain a clearer understanding on who to target. 

Their brand identity

As media monitoring services help marketers to track mentions of their brand, this can give you insight into what your consumers associate with your brand.  

As this technology helps you know who is saying what about your brand, you can gauge how your brand is perceived in the public eye. 

For example, if you identify that most of your mentions come from a certain age group, like Millennials, you can perhaps take a more socially conscious stance in your marketing materials, as Millennials are more politically inclined than other generations.  

The effectiveness of their communication channels

To market effectively, you need to be using the correct channels. With a media monitoring service, you get to see exactly where your brand was mentioned in editorial media — whether this is print or online.

With this information, brands can identify what channels their audience is most active on and distribute their marketing materials where they are best suited. 

How data-driven marketing can benefit your marketing efforts

In contrast to traditional or mass marketing approaches, data-driven marketing allows for less trial and error, and more certainty in delivering results. And this is the biggest benefit of taking this approach. 

Alongside the insights that marketers receive from media monitoring, they are able to target their audience more precisely — increasing the likelihood that they'll be receptive to their efforts. 

With a data-driven approach, you're also tailoring your marketing messages to your target audience and this will result in a better customer experience on their behalf. They'll appreciate you cutting through the noise and delivering more focused outputs that add value to their lives. 

But a data-driven approach doesn't just benefit the consumers — it benefits the brand as well. Gone are the days of marketers taking shots into the dark with their strategies; but when they are empowered with data, they get to take a more refined approach.  

With the use of media monitoring, marketers can identify what works with their audience and what doesn't, allowing them to deliver more relevant content.
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