Industry Associations

 Loerie Awards

The Loerie Awards is all about recognising, rewarding and fostering creative excellence. It is a non-profit organisation serving the best interests of the industry; so all funding goes right back into the industry to be put towards promoting the industry and nurturing potential creatives, especially in disadvantaged communities.



The Pendoring Advertising Awards, established in 1994 by all the leading Afrikaans media role players, focuses on promoting and rewarding outstanding Afrikaans advertising. Pendoring is the only competition of its kind that focuses on the promotion of outstanding Afrikaans advertising, which undoubtedly is the best vehicle to speak directly to the heart and minds of Afrikaans-speaking consumers.


Institute of Directors

A professional body for business leaders, representing directors from various industries. The directors develop effective business tools to support members in strategic decision making.



The Advertising Media Association of Southern Africa, AMASA, is a registered Section 21 company, and since its inception as a professional body in 1971, has been at the forefront of media education and training in South Africa.


Marketing Association of South Africa

The Marketing Association of South Africa is a not-for-profit company which serves the best interests of the marketing industry. It was founded in 2007 to establish a professional representative voice for South Africa's marketing industry on matters of regulation and legislation, and to promote the professionalism, credibility and authority of the industry.

Mission, Vision and Values


Newsclip is a national media monitoring organisation, whose mission is to provide clients with key solutions to their media management strategies, by:

· Providing an innovative and customised media monitoring solution;
· Delivering on its client requirements timeously and reliably; and
· Remaining a technologically-driven, dynamic team, employing and developing quality people.


To create technologically-empowered solutions for communication management and outcomes-based media relations solutions, driven by excellence to meet its client’s holistic needs in a people- and future-focused environment.


Newsclip focuses on and is committed to quality delivery, and the expansion of technological boundaries in media monitoring management, through:

· Quality service: Delivering quality service to all clients.
· Customer focus: Our focus is to serve our customers.
· Operational efficiency: We strive for efficient and effective delivery of services.
· Research leadership: We continuously seek new ways to manage monitoring and media research.
· Embracing change: Being early adopters and innovators in a technologically dynamic media environment.

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Please click here to view Newsclip's BEE Certificate

Section 51 PAIA Manual

Please click here to access Newsclip Media Monitoring (Pty) Ltd's Section 51 PAIA Manual

CSI Programmes

Newsclip is committed to responsible development and leadership in the community and industry in which we work. Our Corporate Social Investment programme supports industry players and recognised charities in a responsible and ethical manner. Each year, Newsclip supports these bodies and charities to the tune of over R2-million. Please visit our press office to view details of the many initiatives we support.

Care Initiatives

Newsclip CARES for the community

Newsclip has always been committed to assisting the community. We pride ourselves as a company that cares about its people, and we have a moral duty to care for those in the community. At the beginning of 2009, we got together and nominated and appointed a CARE Committee for the year going forward. The CARE committee is a team within Newsclip that is representative of every department – in this way, everyone gets involved. The team puts forward suggestions of charities in need of support, and from there, we decide which charities to support for the year, structuring our outreach programmes accordingly.

On Wednesday, 31 March, Newsclip’s Care Committee in association with KFC visited the Children’s Oncology ward at the Johannesburg General Hospital, to deliver the many teddy bear’s that were collected from the teddy bear drive at work.


On arrival, the team carried the big packets of teddy bears, and boxes filled with party packs, and were determined to do this in any way they could – even if it meant balancing the boxes on our heads, so that we could carry an extra two packets, we were determined to get the goodies to the kids.


Committee members, together with a surprise pop-in from ‘Chicky’ and his associates, had the opportunity to pay a visit to each child in the Oncology ward. The children were spoilt with teddy bears; party packs; bandanas; ‘Saved by grace’ bracelets; and a chicky-meal courtesy of KFC.


Pure bliss lit up each and every room in the ward, and although it had seemed that what we had done was something small to show these children that they are loved, to these children we had done something larger than life for them, and we had helped them find their smiles again.


Looking back on this experience, with what all of these children are going through at such a young age, they are so happy and content with life, that it makes us adults almost feel like we are the kids, putting us to shame because we are always needing more. A lesson was learnt to all  that it is so important to appreciate what we have; take time to enjoy what we have; and not to take what we have for granted – clichéd it might seem, but in all realness, in fact true.


The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and a heartfelt experience that will be remembered for many years to come

On Wednesday, 28 July, Newsclip’s Care Committee visited the SAVF Old Age Home. For this year’s outreach initiative, the committee presented residents with goodie bags filled with chips; snuggly Winter socks; and Newsclip placemats – thanks Arti Art for the stunning designs.


The fun-filled day was packed with different activities, such as traditional African face painting with Kerry, Nikki and Juliet; bingo games in the company of Enhle, Ilze, Riani and Brian; and musical entertainment with beautiful melodies by Helen, Josina and Angela – I think all can give Whitney Houston a run for her money, together with a Fred Astaire dance number by Sarah and I.


To keep tummys full and warm, committee members handed out cookies and Milo to all the residents.


Getting to meet the residents and putting a cup of Milo in their one hand and a biscuit in the other, was a truly wonderful experience. The visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all – and one where not only Newsclip had to entertain the SAVF residents, the SAVF residents entertained us with their stories and gestures.


I learnt from the day that no matter what, we need to be grateful for what we have and most importantly, never to forget about our parents and/ or guardians who raised us. Love them unconditionally no matter what circumstances they are in, or will be in one day. Remember, it was them who put you through school; fed you; put a roof over your head; and clothed you. They rubbed your tummy when it was sore and changed your nappy when you were a baby, they cared for you and loved you unconditionally.y

We are proud. Newsclip cares, we really do. Corporates can make a difference. Together we can change lives, and it takes very little to do so. While material investments are important, love and care are free. Many times, that is  all that’s needed.