Media Database

Target Media

Target Media is Newsclip Media Monitoring's comprehensive media database, providing up-to-date and accurate information about more than 3 000 media outlets across all media platforms in South Africa. This subscription-based online service contains over 100 000 data entries

Using a media data system forms an integral part of any media planner or public relations practitioner’s daily function. Targeting the most appropriate and effective media channels can be a daunting task – with over 1,500 publications, over 200 radio stations and several dozen television stations at your disposal; not to mention the overwhelming amount of online media. To accomplish this task, one needs access to a database that not only offers you in-depth information on various media sources, but also leads you directly to them.

With Target Media, you can, at the push of a button, access and plan your media exposure across all media channels, giving you full contact and demographic details for newspapers; magazines; broadcast stations; and commercially-viable online websites.

The system allows you to search local media by name, category or keyword, with each entry providing you with an overview, profile, demographics, ad rates and contacts - a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Target Media maintains all the 'static' information about each publication, radio and TV station, and selected websites, including:

• Media type;
• Demographics;
• Circulation figures;
• Media classifications;
• Advertising rates;
• Readership/ audience figures;
• Contact details;
• Contributors; publishers and distributors; and
• Programme schedules for radio and TV stations.

A distinctive feature of the Newsclip database is that all the media has been categorised and subcategorised according to the editorial content of each publication, as well as each programme on radio and TV that is monitored. The database is constantly updated by Newsclip’s Media Department, as and when new information is made available.

This is considered 'media targeting' – hence the name 'Target Media', as it introduces you to the vast array of South African media, and assists with your targeted media planning.

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